BalticWaters Fish Laboratory

Protecting Baltic Sea ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources is more important than ever. At the same time, there is a great need for new knowledge about both the sea and its fish. To create conditions for new research on Baltic Sea fish, support restocking of endangered fish species, development of aquaculture and knowledge building,  BalticWaters […]

The Good Herring


After decades of intensive fishing, herring in the Baltic Sea are under threat. Falling fishing quotas and a negative biological development tells us that something is not right. The campaign aims to highlight the problems with today’s fisheries management, and present solutions.

Fisheries policy with a focus on viable fish stocks

Riksdagshuset i Stockholm

The foundation works to fundamentally change the rules for commercial fishing in the Baltic Sea, in favour of small-scale coastal fishing, while breaking the negative trend of the Baltic Sea fish populations.

Thriving bays


This project will test and evaluate measures to restore one of the biologically richest natural environments in the Baltic Sea coastal areas – the shallow bays.

ReCod – release of small cod in the Baltic Sea

Torsk i grönaktigt vatten.

The Baltic Sea is a unique but vulnerable environment with a small exchange of water, varying salinity, and large areas with dead zones. Cod is one of the Baltic Sea’s most important fish species, from an ecological, and previously economic perspective. Today, the Baltic Sea cod stocks are facing an acute situation due to decades […]