About us

BalticWaters is a foundation with a single goal: to keep our sea alive. And for us there is only one way to get there: action! We advocate, conduct projects and support research with one goal in mind: a healthy sea full of life, for us and future generations. Read more about the foundation, our work, partners and our founder below.

Our calls

BalticWaters runs three programs to promote research and increase knowledge about the Baltic Sea environment.

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En ensam segelbåt på öppet hav.

Our founder

Ann-Sofie Mattson founded BalticWaters in 2020 to be an active, independent actor working for a healthier Baltic Sea.

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Our partners

Most of the foundation’s projects are carried out in collaboration with universities, authorities, and organizations.

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BalticWaters carries out large scale environmental projects on land, along the coast and in the sea to improve the Baltic Sea environment.

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With your support, we can work purposefully with a long-term perspective to save the Baltic Sea