Below are the foundation´s various publications. BalticWaters monitors and writes about environmental policy issues related to the Baltic Sea in the Baltic Sea Briefs. Currently, most of the material is available in Swedish. Translated briefs will be published below.

Baltic Sea Brief 56

Politicians in parliament and government are helpless in the face of the Baltic Sea’s declining fish stocks, a crisis that means, among other things, that no environmental objectives for the sea can be achieved.

Improper and fraudulent fishery

BalticWaters’ new review shows that misreporting and illegal discards are widespread practices and that the regulatory framework and its application are seriously flawed.

Baltic Sea Brief 43

Will the EU keep making the same mistakes?
ICES has published its 2023 advice on Baltic Sea fishing opportunities. The advice is important, but it should be used with high caution.

Baltic Sea Brief 40

Should catches in the Baltic Sea be turned into fishmeal?
Is using fishmeal for salmon and mink a sustainable way of using Baltic Sea fish, when the risks are so great, and the fish are sold at a rock bottom price?

Baltic Sea Brief 39

Research shows need for urgent measures- governments need to stop delaying.
The cod is nearly gone, and the herring are rapidly decreasing in number and size and are reaching sexual maturity earlier.

Baltic Sea Brief 38

The fisheries policy and its loopholes.
The crisis in the Baltic Sea fish stocks is one of the most serious environmental problems facing the sea. Cod has collapsed, herring has declined dramatically, and several other important stocks are under threat. How can we let this happen?

Baltic Sea Brief 37

Myths about the industrial fishing in the Baltic Sea
A lot is said about the fishing sector and the fish stocks development in the Baltic Sea, but what is true? Below, BalticWaters tries to respond to common claims in the debate.

Baltic Sea Brief 35

A collapse of herring could threaten the Baltic Sea ecosystem
It is hard to overestimate the importance of herring for the Baltic Sea and for Sweden. Herring is perhaps one of the most important species for the Baltic Sea ecosystem.