BalticWaters is a foundation with a single goal: to keep our sea alive. And for us there is only one way to get there: action! We advocate, conduct projects and support research with one goal in mind: a healthy sea full of life, for us and future generations.

What we do

Saving a sea is not easy and cannot be solved overnight. Change requires action, expertise and perseverance. Therefor we have an long-term approach in our work based on the following aspects:

Projects and research that show that change is possible Together with universities, organisations and institutions, BalticWaters carries out projects where we turn theory into action and solutions.

Knowledge that enables change The Foundation works actively to enable new research and disseminate knowledge about the Baltic Sea.

Advocacy so that decisions are taken and measures implemented BalticWaters conducts extensive and persistent advocacy for a maritime policy that puts the Baltic Sea environment first.

The need to protect the Baltic Sea’s ecosystem, biodiversity and natural resources has never been greater. At the same time, the need for new knowledge is critical. To create conditions for new research on reproduction and restocking of endangered fish species, the foundation BalticWaters is establishing a new fish research laboratory – the first of its kind in the Baltic Sea region.

With your support, we can work purposefully with a long-term perspective to save the Baltic Sea