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BalticWaters is an independent foundation engaged in efforts to improve the Baltic Sea environment. The foundation conducts large-scale environmental projects with focus on action-oriented measures, and applied research to show which measures can contribute to a healthier sea and viable fish stocks. The projects are carried out on land, along the coast, and in the sea. BalticWaters also develops and disseminates knowledge about the Baltic Sea to the general public, governmental authorities, and decision-makers. The aim is to increase knowledge about the challenges facing the sea and build public opinion so that decisions are taken, and measures are implemented. 

BalticWaters is currently focusing on the thematic areas of eutrophication, fishing, and advocacy.

The members of the BalticWaters’ board and employees all have extensive experience in developing and conducting environmental and research projects – on land and in the water. There is also extensive experience in conducting communication and advocacy work to increase knowledge about the Baltic Sea and its challenges, so that decisions will be taken, and measures implemented.

The BalticWaters’ board of directors

Otto von Arnold, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Otto von Arnold has been a member of Parliament and has, amongst other things, served the Committee on Civil Affairs and the Committee on Environment and Agriculture. He is director of the Southern Baltic Sea Water delegation and runs the water conservation project Tullstorpsån in south of Skåne.

Konrad Stralka, Executive Director
Mr. Konrad Stralka is the co-founder of BalticWaters and has been Executive Director since 2020. Prior to working for the foundation, he served as director of BalticSea2020 and in several managing positions in Statoil Hydro, Cell Network and Bergman & Beving. 

Marie Berglund, Director
Mrs. Marie Berglund is a biologist and nowadays retired. Her latest position was within NCC Industry where she was Head of raw material supply and sustainability. She is a board member in Sveaskog and has held several board positions within, amongst others, Boliden, the Swedish Forest Agency and has been chairman in the technology consulting company Eurocon.

Per Larsson, Director
Mr. Per Larsson is professor emeritus at the Department of Biology and Environmental Science at Linnaeus University. Per and his research group worked to build up knowledge about coastal fish stocks in terms of ecology, interactions between fish and other components of the food web and migration of fish between the Baltic Sea and freshwater environment.

Ragnar Elmgren, Director
Mr. Ragnar Elmgren is professor emeritus in brackish water ecology. Ragnar’s research has included the Baltic Sea ecosystem, the ecology of the bottom fauna, the causes and effects of eutrophication, cyanobacteria blooms and coastal management.  

Stefan Fölster, Director
Mr. Stefan Fölster is an associate professor in national economy at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, CEO for the think tank Better Future Economics and an active debater and author.

Åsa Domeij, Director
Åsa is an agronomist and works as the Head of environment and social responsibility at Axfood. She has a background as a politician and member of the Swedish parliament. She was a member of the parliament’s environmental and agricultural committee from 1988 to 1991 and served as the vice chair from 2002 to 2006.


Konrad Stralka, Executive Director
E-mail: konrad.stralka@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)70 750 23 31

Frida Tornberg, Writer and content creator
E-mail: frida.tornberg@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)702 85 87 49

Madeleine Kullenbo, Communications and marketing manager
E-mail: madeleine.kullenbo@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)735 26 73 43

Helene Limén, Analyst science and project funding
E-mail: helene.limen@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)707 14 81 90

Linda Kumblad, Project manager Thriving bays
E-mail: linda.kumblad@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)733 79 98 16

Johanna Fröjd, Project manager ReCod
E-mail: johanna.frojd@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)707 20 73 27

Susanne Ragnarsdotter, Operating technician ReCod
E-mail: susanne.ragnarsdotter@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)703 53 04 12

Tore Jägerup, Operating technician ReCod
E-mail: tore.jagerup@balticwaters.org
Phone: +46 (0)761 33 80 08

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