Big congratulations to the project Hanö Cod Reef which, after a long wait for calm seas, finally got the opportunity to place the first cod reefs on the seabed in Hanö Bay! We are now looking forward with excitement to cod populating the reefs.

Do you want to know more about the project? Meet the initiators behind, and the researchers within, the project in the article A sanctuary for Baltic cod.

The ship Frida helped to place the first 15 cod reefs on the seabed.

About the project

Better opportunities for the cod to hide from predators have been proven to be positive for the cod’s growth and recovery of local populations. The goal of the project is to improve the conditions for cod by constructing artificial reefs made by hollow concrete blocks in Hanö bay off the east coast of Skåne. Hanö bay is one of the most important areas for the Baltic cod, offering good opportunities for foraging and located near one of the few cod spawning grounds in the Bornholm depth. The effects of the artificial reef will be evaluated to further develop and improve them – while at the same time increase knowledge about the cod.

The Hanö Cod Reef project is carried out by Lund University, the Marine Centre in Simrishamn Municipality and the Hanö Cod Association. The project will run through 2024. The Hanö Cod Reef project received a grant of SEK 995,000 from BalticWaters’ program to fund research projects and pre-studies for the project’s scientific component.